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Cop Shoot Cop: Live @ Reading Festival in 1994

Posted in Cop Shoot Cop with tags , , , on April 3, 2012 by jimcolemanmusic

Here is a relatively decent video from a live show we did at the Reading Festival in 1994. I remember being on the festival circuit through the UK. There was a group of fans called “Crusties”. I don’t know if this name was self created or was bestowed upon them, but it definitely fit. They would travel around from festival to festival, hitting shows in clubs in between. Hygiene was a secondary concern. Cigarettes were hand rolled Drum. They were fucking fierce fans, you couldn’t ask for better. There was one guy in particular who kept with us. We would pass him on the road, hitch-hiking to the next show or festival, literally day after day. We never picked him up, the van was just too packed. But we got him in to the shows for free.