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I ran in to an vhs dub of an old music video I did for a Phylr track. This was from the first Phylr album (Contra la Puerta), and the track is called Circumference.

Hoping this video actually shows and not just the link, but if it is the link, please check it out and accept my apologies!

Some of this was shot in Coney Island (most memorably the big butts), some was appropriated from found footage that I had manipulated on an optical printer, some was shot in Taormina, Italy,  while at the film festival there, and some was shot in the mid west of the good old US of A.
I’ve always approached video/film in the same way I’ve approached sound/music. At the heart of it, I feel like I’m a samplist. I love working with found material, either extracting it’s essence or manipulating it so far that it becomes something totally other. In this early video, much of the footage itself is not manipulated, which goes in the face of what I just said. For one thing, this was made about 15 years ago, long before we had the manipulative tools and plug ins that we now have. I could still extract and abstract, but it worked more in the realm of editing. Creating rhythms, contrasts, definitions through juxtapositions and relationships. Oh shit, did I just disappear in to my head there?

Maybe that’s why video and music have always felt so alike to me. It’s all about the timing and the rhythms.

I recall editing this video (and starting on the second Phylr album) while staying in Banff in the Canadian Rockies. The elk have all come in from the forests to get away from the wolves and other predators. They had really overrun the town. They would literally sleep on the streets and sidewalks. You would have to walk around them. I was hiking once and I saw a family of tourists walk up to a couple of elk in some ones front yard for a photo op. They were literally putting their arm around the elk’s neck. A woman ran out of the house, yelling for them to get away. These animals are about the size of a moose, and somehow these tourists didn’t consider them dangerous. Two minutes later, one of those elks got in the middle of the road, forced a pickup truck to stop, then started repeatedly ramming in to the front of the truck.
And one last note before I go. In regards to the naming of the first Phylr album. Contra la Puerta. Against the door. Somehow I always have that feeling. It can be great and it can be just awful, terrifying, Maybe it’s akin to that worn out saying that the only constant is change. My sanity depends not on that truth,  but how I am in relation to it. Is that door taking me to some habitual hell that I’ve been through too many damn times already? Is that door taking me to a place of acceptance and love? Maybe a waiting room where I need to hang for a while waiting for the other door to open. But the thing I need to keep in mind (and heart) is that the way in which I approach that door totally affects what I’ll find on the other side of it.

Bride of Frankenstein Remix

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This may be familiar to some of you, but I wanted to post it on the blog.

This is an audio video remix, or deconstruction really, of the old film The Bride of Frankenstein.