Jim Coleman: 432012_6:21PM: 5 second bio

As a kid, I was a classically trained musician, learning both the piano and the french horn. I started college as an Art student at The Hartford Art School, then went on to get a degree in film at S.U.N.Y. Purchase. During that time, I started experimenting with found sounds and films. The creative process of working with images and sounds for me has always been very similar.

Post college I was a member of the seminal post-industrial band Cop Shoot Cop. We put out 4 albums, toured a lot, and lived off of our advances. After CSC’s self implosion in 1996, I started releasing music as Phylr (a misspelling of my middle name). Additionally, I began a career scoring original music for indie films and TV series. I have worked with Todd Phillips, Hal Hartley, Beth B and Richard Kern.

And there were musical collaborations: with Teho Teardo and Here, with JG Thirlwell as Baby Zizanie, and ongoing remixes and collaborations with DJ Butterface (Mike Bazini).

In summer of 2012, I will be releasing the first album under my own name, Jim Coleman. The album is called Trees, and it is an electro-acoustic meditation, a sonic antidote to the stress that I feel in the world around me.

In prepping for the release of this album, several people have asked me for my blog address. So I figured it might be time to get one up and running. And I’m excited at the idea of a portal to share the things that excite me: images, words, videos, sounds. My hope is that I can maintain this to some degree. My website, jimcolemanmusic.com is perpetually out of date, as it’s not that easy to update. My hope is that this blog will be more in the stream of life, informal, with misspellings and frayed edges.

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