Whispers from the Alley

Ok, it’s been a long long time since I have posted here. Life sometimes takes me down these dead end dark alleys that I get lost in. I’m prone to isolation. Not the most healthy thing. I have historically been okay being alone and on my own, and that’s a good thing. But isolation is a whole different thing. Isolation is hiding out, fortifying the defenses, digging in, wearing 2 levels of kevlar.

But sometimes I walk past those dark alleys, and I hear the sirens call, this sweet syrupy voice calling my name, seducing me in to the dark mystery of the dark depths. I should know now, being in the middle of my life span, that it’s a ruse. I’ve been fooled too many times before. What starts as a sweet romance ends pile driving me in to despair that takes me to a place where the end can’t come quick enough. I thank god I’m mortal, cause I can’t take it any more, and I don’t know if I can wait until the end comes.

Yet I also know, if I just pick my ass up and get out of the alley, life is okay. I can dance. I can listen to music and feel hope, specially if it’s in a minor key!

Right now I’m listening to the latest Otep album (Hydra), which is giving me a lot of hope. Another album that works in this same way is “The Horse, The Rat & The Swan” by Snowman. Alley 1.jpg Why is it that something that is dark and deep and so damn heavy lifts me up?

3 Responses to “Whispers from the Alley”

  1. been wondering where you’ve been hiding. listened to TREES last week and used it for inspiration for a performance/voice class i taught. hope you find the light. maybe the snowman can help. i’ll check it out. love from austin.

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