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Beth B’s film EXPOSED will be premiering next week at the Berlin Film Festival. The film documents the stories and lives of several extreme performance artists coming out of the NYC Burlesque scene. It’s a really awesome film that was a labor of love for many years. It gives me hope in Spiritual and Creative energy to see it come to life in this way. I’m pretty involved, as I have a lot of original music in it, and supervised the creation of a bunch of other music tracks for it as well. Keep your eyes out for it, you should have the chance to see it somewhere down the road.


Whispers from the Alley

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Ok, it’s been a long long time since I have posted here. Life sometimes takes me down these dead end dark alleys that I get lost in. I’m prone to isolation. Not the most healthy thing. I have historically been okay being alone and on my own, and that’s a good thing. But isolation is a whole different thing. Isolation is hiding out, fortifying the defenses, digging in, wearing 2 levels of kevlar.

But sometimes I walk past those dark alleys, and I hear the sirens call, this sweet syrupy voice calling my name, seducing me in to the dark mystery of the dark depths. I should know now, being in the middle of my life span, that it’s a ruse. I’ve been fooled too many times before. What starts as a sweet romance ends pile driving me in to despair that takes me to a place where the end can’t come quick enough. I thank god I’m mortal, cause I can’t take it any more, and I don’t know if I can wait until the end comes.

Yet I also know, if I just pick my ass up and get out of the alley, life is okay. I can dance. I can listen to music and feel hope, specially if it’s in a minor key!

Right now I’m listening to the latest Otep album (Hydra), which is giving me a lot of hope. Another album that works in this same way is “The Horse, The Rat & The Swan” by Snowman. Alley 1.jpg Why is it that something that is dark and deep and so damn heavy lifts me up?