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Protect us from ourselves

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A friend of mine sent along this picture below


Too bad the word “watching” is misspelled. It turns out to be attached to Occupy Wall Street.  I love it. These are the kinds of things that keep us awake, make our minds get off the couch, and give us a little emotional wake up. NYPD apparently doesn’t agree. It got their hair up. Not only did they go around taking them down (which I can understand), but they decided to take this SERIOUSLY. See photos below of them taking them down, and dusting for fingerprints. Taxpayer dollars being put to good use. Gotta go get that perpetrator who is fucking with valuable ad space…



Speaking of which. Wasn’t this country founded on “no taxation without representation”? There was a revolution behind that. So, at what point will there be a modern revolution, when there is such a chasm between those who have and those who don’t? When the middle class is gone, and the workers are paying taxes that just gives more to those who already have? It seems like Government and Big business (and the church if you are a republican) are sequestered in some gated community living off the sweat and blood of all the workers outside. When will that time come when it’s just too much? Or perhaps it won’t come, perhaps we’ll react in ways not dissimilar to the Native Americans when this nation first established itself as the US of A. Perhaps all the workers will get their own ever shrinking gated community, where they can be left alone with disease and a bottle.

Is our political system beyond repair? Is there any way to make this government for the people? For all the people, not just the privileged few?

Dodge Caution

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