An unabashed plug for my album TREES

One of the reasons I started writing this blog was related to the fact that I was putting out an album. The way I’m going about this is new to me. I’ve had a number of albums released, but never really rolled my own. So for this, I basically made my own label (Wax&Wane), and have hired publicists to help it see the light of day. Cargo distribution has picked it up for distribution. And I’ll be spending some more cash to kick it to the college radio stations. But Everyone initially asked for my web domains, including my blog. So here you have it. But this blog has allowed me to express myself in unforeseen ways, ways that I really appreciate and that go far beyond anything to do with releasing an album. So I’m thankful for that.

That being said, TREES is on the verge of being released. And this week, there is a bunch of stuff happening, so I figured I would encapsulate some of it here as well:

AOL is currently having a “listening party”:

I’ll be live on WFKU this Thursday 8/9 from 4 PM to 7 PM EST, here’s the facebook invite:

And I’ll be on McG’s Backroom this Thursday at 8 PM EST:

Album is available in the UK digitally, should be soon available both digitally and physically round the globe.

Thanks All!


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