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Scenes from Downtown NYC

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First off, Here’s some stuff I’ve seen in NYC over the past couple of months:

This girl is not one to risk having anyone overhear her thoughts, or risk having anyone put their thought in her head. Because there’s a lot of that going on downtown.

It was a very hot summer indeed. Hot enough to melt things that don’t usually melt (and I’m not talking about your heart).

At Spring and Lafayette, with no water in sight, not even a drop.

I love this one, someone is keeping it real, straying away from the cute and nice. This takes me back to the old New York, the non-sanitized years where what you saw was what you got, and the empty buildings crumbled under the weight of anticipatory tourism.

And this one speaks for itself.

Things that don’t make sense to me

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1. I saw a billboard the other day. The focus of the billboard was to get more kids in to Catholic Schools. Not a particular Catholic school, but ANY Catholic School. The way that religion can be advertised, the way religion creeps in to our public schools, our local, state and federal governments is just appalling. Whatever happened to freedom of speech, freedom of religious beliefs (or lack of). Can we start putting up billboards in the subways trying to get people to get right with Satan?  Not that I believe in that either, but somehow I think you might hit some resistance if you wanted to buy ad space for Satanic Cults.

2. Speaking of which, last week I heard in the news that Metro North had some billboards up in Westchester that were basically aligning all Islamic beliefs and practices with terrorism, and advocating that it be wiped out. Metro North said they didn’t censor their advertisers based on content. SO we should be able to put up those pro Satan billboard ads there I guess. Anyway, they interviewed the people who were behind these ads, and they said, “How can you not put this up when it’s the truth? Islam is terrorism”. Not a direct quote, but close enough. Where did they get all their facts, evidence and proof?

3. Heard an ad on the radio for a new HBO series. It was sponsored by Durex Condoms. The tag line for the show was “Family is Everything!”

4. How can the IRS garnish wages when my wages have nothing to do with salads?

5. And a short story. As a young kid, I repeatedly had nightmares in which I would be at school and release in a panic that I still had my slippers on. A couple of days ago, I had to leave the house really early and really quickly. We drove down to South Orange to get some breakfast. As soon as I stepped out of the car, something didn’t feel right. I looked down, and realized I still had my slippers on. Traumatizing. It came true after many many years.



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Links to a couple of good interviews coming from the recent record release of my album Trees. Both really interesting publications, check them out!
Paraphilia: I’m on pages 64 & 160 (which is actually an excerpt from on of my blog entries)


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2. Believe you deserve to go to hell

So I’ve uncovered a bunch of “artwork” that I’ve done through the years. I’ll dole it out through time.


This image was an out-take from an experimental film I did years ago. It’s all blurred out and messed up, it was actually
an audio cassette cover which then got taped in to a journal. Amazing image though: the lone white robed figure descending the hill
while being watched by several men on horseback. You have to wonder what’s going on here?

Big Luxury Item

I’m not sure that you can read the text, so I’ll lay it out for you.

Text under Big Luxury Item headline: “It’s a beautiful day to get inside the old grave!”

Man on far left in checkered shirt: “Y’know, it’s not only later than we think, it’s sooner than we expect.”

And on the bottom: “Coffins for Neighbors”







And this last piece is a small drawing I made some while ago, that seemed somehow connected to these other 2.

Silent Scream

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I remember once reading the instructions on an airplane for what to do if the plane is going down. I frequently us the analogy of getting my oxygen mask in place before you help someone else. That’s just common sense I think. How can I save you if I can’t breathe? But the direction given after getting your oxygen mask on, and after placing your head between your knees, was “5 seconds of silent scream”. More practical real world advice. Relieves stress, gets your ya ya’s out, and it doesn’t freak out other people around you.

An unabashed plug for my album TREES

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One of the reasons I started writing this blog was related to the fact that I was putting out an album. The way I’m going about this is new to me. I’ve had a number of albums released, but never really rolled my own. So for this, I basically made my own label (Wax&Wane), and have hired publicists to help it see the light of day. Cargo distribution has picked it up for distribution. And I’ll be spending some more cash to kick it to the college radio stations. But Everyone initially asked for my web domains, including my blog. So here you have it. But this blog has allowed me to express myself in unforeseen ways, ways that I really appreciate and that go far beyond anything to do with releasing an album. So I’m thankful for that.

That being said, TREES is on the verge of being released. And this week, there is a bunch of stuff happening, so I figured I would encapsulate some of it here as well:

AOL is currently having a “listening party”:

I’ll be live on WFKU this Thursday 8/9 from 4 PM to 7 PM EST, here’s the facebook invite:

And I’ll be on McG’s Backroom this Thursday at 8 PM EST:

Album is available in the UK digitally, should be soon available both digitally and physically round the globe.

Thanks All!


Lakeside / New Hampshire

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Greetings from Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. Live free of die.

I’ve been coming to this lakeside cabin since I was around 3 years old. My father’s parents had this cabin built, and there was nothing around. Now it is somewhat surrounded by year round multi million dollar ticonderoga style “log cabins” with numerous guest suites. Some kind of alternative gentrification, a bit different than what I’ve lived through (and participated in) repeatedly in urban environments.

I realized that this place has been with me longer than most anything else in my life, except my parents and sister. I’m not sure I can attach a meaning to it, other than feeling that people and places don’t last. And they don’t, of course. We’re all only here for a short time, bla bla bla.

It is kind of funny sitting in a room where I was once a little boy, yet I’m here now with a daughter of my own. I do feel like I’ve gone through a circle of some sort, closed a loop. There was a simplicity to childhood that I recall, maybe an innocence. I did a pretty good job of burning that innocence in to the ground in my 20’s. But just recently I’ve been feeling like that innocence has been being re-born, the hateful self abusive cynic is not in good health. I’ve actually been happy and optimistic and that’s felt okay.

To give you a sense of this area: Oliver North runs a syndicated column in the local paper. There are only 2 options for transportation: 4X4 pickup or a harley. But you can’t wear a helmet. One of the big articles in the newspaper was about a fundraising effort by a local family to get money to replace their daughter’s lost glass eye that fell out when she was swimming. Don’t get me wrong. I empathize with the girl and the family, and I don’t mean to make light of their situation. It just feels like an alternate reality.

I recall one trip here with my dad. This was back in my days of self destruction, as so many of these stories are. Sometimes I feel like I lived through that life just so I could walk out with stories. And shit, this isn’t even a story so much as a memory, a recollection, a reminder of how things were and why I try to make better decisions today.

Anyway, my dad had come down to NYC to see my band Cop Shoot Cop play at CBGB’s. I think Motherhead Bug was also playing that night. In those days, all types and everyone would show up. At this show there were 2 simultaneous girlfriends (which was not common), and 2 of my drug dealers (more common, sad to say). My dad was introduced to Joey, who pulled out a huge roll of bills to buy him a drink. At which point my dad said that he must be in construction.

A quick aside about Joey: Joey was a corner dealer, Bedford and South 2nd in Williamsburg. This was prior to Williamsburg becoming what it now is. Sometimes I would work with him as a watch out. He had a good heart but was definitely in the life. He would sometimes keep stuff at our house. This included an Uzi for a while. I’d also drive around with him, just hanging out while he did pickups and deliveries. I ended up pawning his beeper before going in to rehab. When I came out, somehow he got me to get in his car and threatened to break my legs. Luckily, this never happened. And I still always liked the guy. I hope he found his way out…

And, back to CBGB’s. After we played that night, my dad and I drove up to Lake Winnepasaukee. That’s closing in on a 7 hour drive, and we left NYC at 2 or 3 AM. I had my stash with me, but not enough. I mean, there will never be enough, really. But I stayed wired, driving through the night. When we got there, it was one of those weird things. I’ve had this happen in a couple of places. Places from my childhood, places of peace and innocence. I arrived there a mess, looking for some remnant of that lost peace. The echoes that I heard only served to remind me of how far removed from it I was. If I was religious, I would say my presence was a sacrilege. But I’m not, so I won’t.

I couldn’t get to sleep. Because I knew that once I woke up, the magic would be gone. I would awake in a full tilt depression. All would be dark. There would not be enough chemicals to save me, to allow me any kind of pleasure. I hated that fear of sleeping, of the inevitable dawn.

A few years later, I was free of all chemicals, and I went back to the lake with my dad. Some deliberate one on one time, to search out what was inside him, and me, and our family. I don’t quite know what I had in my head, but I did end up realizing that what I saw was what I got. There was no magical bond that was revealed, no “AH-HA!” But this, in it’s own way was eye opening. It became a bit more possible to be at peace with life, and our relationship, as it was. Acceptance. Lessening the fear.

Now, for a swim…