Things that I have noticed recently

Just found this half written in the drafts folder, figured I would just kick it out there:

– There are several delis that I have been in repeatedly in NYC in which the people who are working the cash registers are all middle aged Korean women. In each of these places, they all are yelling for the next customer well before the existing transaction is complete. Everyone ends up trying to find space for their bags, sandwiches, purses, juggling their wallets and change. Basically standing on top of each other. I don’t know about anyone else, but I end up getting completely stressed out. Somehow I put it together today, that this was a strange culturally shared behavior occuring in separate places. Now that I’m aware of it, my hope is that I can enjoy it rather than get stressed out.

– I saw a dry cleaning place yesterday in the West Village called “Washtopia”. I wonder if I get my clothes cleaned there if I’ll be more serene.


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