American without a signal

Well, I’ve tried to post several entries in this blog in the last week or so, but each time have ended up losing my Internet connection. At times, I could be found wandering around the south of France, iPad in hand, looking for a signal. If I happened to see myself, I’m sure I would laugh. So let’s hope the signal stays long enough this time.

Here is a photo from teho’s house in Roma.


And here is a photo from where we are in the south of France.


In one of the earlier lost posts, i waxed poetic about my friendship with Teho. We met by playing rock festivals together in separate bands back in the day. As CSC was breaking up, he asked if we would be interested in doing remixes of each others bands. Cop Shoot Cop vs Meathead. This was t.he last thing that Cop actually released. On its own, it was underwhelming. But it did start a communication and friendship between myself and Teho.

Teho and I went on to release an album under the name Here. In the process, I spent a lot of time in Italy with Teho, and we became best friends. Both of our creative work has continued to evolve and grow. He is now one of the top composers for film and tv in italy. I continue to learn so much from Teho, both on the level of life and living, and on a creative level. He has helped me become a better person through his selfless and loving approach to those around him. And at times I listen to his music and I feel like I don’t need to create any more, as these songs have already been realized. And this isn’t a bad thing, it’s not a feeling of futility. It’s more like a weight has been lifted.

Today is the last day in the south of France. We are staying up in the mountains above the Mediterranean , near a small town named mons. I came here with a long list of activities to do, but we all seem to find the most happiness just hanging around, reading, resting, swimming. Top,or row we are off to Paris. Then home. Looking forward to seeing the catacombs, something we tried to do in Roma but time just ran out.

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