Welcome to Rome

Relaxing in the apartment of my best friend, Teho Teardo. First time that I have visited him in Rome. We have spent a lot of time in Italy through the years, but mostly up north in Pordenone, recording outside of Florence and touring. Times change. I’m here with my family, Teho has 2 kids. Teho has always been pushing forward, finding new ways of getting his music out in to the world, finding new ways and processes in which to work and create. In short, he has been an inspiration. I consider him my best friend, but also a huge inspiration. Sometimes I will see or hear something and it is so profoundly succesful that my reaction is to think “why am I doind what I am doing? When something like this is already in existence, I don’t need to add more noise to the world”. This may sound defeatist, but it’s actually sometimes a feeling of relief, I don’t know why. But I mention this because Teho’s work often arouses this response in me.

I always love coming in to Italy. I don’t know if  it is because I have spent a good amount of time here before, or if it’s just the overall expressiveness of the people, but it always feels welcoming. The difference coming here from Germany was a bit staggering. The Germans seemed so cold and all about the rules. So much about the rules that the public servant types come off as mean, haggard and unhappy. We were on a bus with a bus driver who was very very particular about what kind of luggage, purses, and backpacks could come on board. Very ornery, red in the face, all the passengers ended up getting upset. He ended up yelling in german, “On this bus, my word is law!” Too many individuals of this type roam Germany.

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