Germany / Human Flesh

Is Germany the country of origin for leiderhosen? Perhaps not, maybe it’s Austria. I had to wear the feared leiderhosen on several occasions as a wee lad, less than 5 I believe. A good friend of mine just revealed to me last week that his mom made him wear the leiderhosen to school every day as a kid. An evil situation that he ended up having to fight himself out of. He laughed as he talked about it, like it was an unfortunate situation but rather funny in retrospect. I’d still be in therapy crying over that if it were me.

Leiderhosen aside, I am currently in Germany. Outside of Kassel, home of the Documenta Art Festival. Proud to say my mother in law is part of Documenta this year, she has an installation. Haven’t seen it yet, but am looking forward to it. I do know that it spills outside of the four walls of the art space and in to the streets as a performance, with people walking the city wearing a variety of sandwich boards. These boards can simultaneously be funny and confrontational. One says, “I EAT HUMAN FLESH”. I have the best mother in law ever.

Our trip over here was an ongoing example of business and the care of customers in the new economy. The flight was 2 hours late in departing. Not due to anything other than “the crew needed to clean the plane”. Didn’t this use to be taken in to account when the airlines made their schedules? The next thing to go was the entertainment system, not good on an 8 hour flight. They finally got that up and running. When we neared Frankfurt, we were put in a holding pattern. Then, once we landed they did not have a gate for us, probably because we were 2 hours late.

I know, I can tell. As I’m writing this, I sound like such an ingrate. And I’m actually feeling pretty good right now. Got a little nap, which revived my perspective. Grateful to be traveling, seeing different parts of the world. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of time digging myself out of jet lag and it’s inherent pessimism. But I am good. Happy, actually. Even though that feels uncomfortable to say.


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